Comme des Garcons | ‘Binky and Sheba PLAY’ Launch Party

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Debut the BEKKO! | Project

This BEKKO project is started by our dear friend Shoko Tagaya.

Please donate whatever money for this BEKKO Candy!!  It’s all handmade by Shoko, and all the money raised by this will be donated to Japanese Redcross.

Shoko will be selling these tonight at Don Hill’s Dropout Party too!!

Let’s party and also help people who are suffering.

In the world, there’s always a lot of happiness and suffering.

We don’t know what to do for Japan, and also many people who are suffering in all over the world; however, we feel we should at least try to do something for our close ones.  Thanks to Shoko, we can hopefully do something a little with what we do the best: party and meeting people.

Click link below for more info:

Debut the BEKKO! | Project.

Artshow in Dumbo

YO !!  Every party people all over the world !! What’s up??

I went to The Bad words experiment ( Art show  ) ~!!+2 parties on last Sat!!

It’s awesome !!!

Let’s check it out  together-!!!

DJ Shinchan just arrived at Art show-!!

Anyway , lets drink !! There were so many interesting people !!

Of course there were so many beautiful girls !! She is Katie , a painter !!

Her insects painting is really kool!!

Everybody i met in here was so nice & kool !!! Thanx shoco chan!!

And I met DJ Jobot !!! Woo she is super nice DJ !! And she is our favorite super beautiful dj Shaka 23 friend !! Wow there are so many beautiful djs in NYC!!