Steve Coogan | Tony Wilson in 24 Hour Party People

As Shinchan and I came to the Smile in Noho to have a dinner right after we finish djing at the Hole for Dirty Durty Diary Presents Emerald Couture event, I saw Steve Coogan behind Shinchan.

The movie, 24 Hour Party People was a one of the reason we put our name 24 hour party people (24hpp). The movie inspired us what we shouldn’t do and what we should do.

The real Steve Coogan was very kind, and he seemed like a very intelligent person.

We are very happy to finally see the real Steve Coogan!!

He said he is working on a new film; can’t wait to see it.

If you haven’t seen the movie—24 Hour Party People—please check the movie someday. We believe you don’t regret it.

Love & Peace,


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