Recoil( Alan wilder from Depeche Mode ) @Le poisson rouge

Yesterday DJ shinchan was @ Le poisson rouge ~!!!

Because Recoil was djing with Joe richardson ~!!!
That was kool night ~!!!
Musics which djs were playing w not dance music but
everybody was listening music carefully instead of dancing –
I’ve never been to such a party so that night was good experience .
Btw this party was organized by Mr Alex English –
He is really party people –
Respect Alex again –

And I met DJ Yann- Edouard from paris~ @ gallery bar ~!!!
I will dj with Yann @ TBA this coming thursday ~!!!
He is really kool guy and nice dj ~!!!
So plz come and lets dance together ~!!!

Love & Peace forever w 24HPP
DJ shinchan

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