Hey People ~!!!
Yesterday DJ shinchan went to 169 Bar ( It’s very close to Beast!! )
to see My favorite romanian
girl Maririn’s friend Briana’s LIVE ~!!!
(Wow ~ Did somebody realize ?? I’ve hanged out for 9 days ~
You can check by this website ~)

Anyway it was Kool night ~ with kool people who loves rock in roll music ~
Some people was dancing so hard in front of Briana ~
But most of her music was not so hard ~
Folk and Sweet , melodious , it might be kind of R&B –
But Last song ( this is my favorite , everybody was singing ” I LOVE NY “)
was more erectro ~ that was dance tune ~
I really wanna go to next her gig ~!!! Thanx , Briana~

Before her live , we tried fortune teller who was working @ 169 BAR~
I’m not sure what she was saying ~
But she said if you want to try tarot cards , you have to pay more 20 $
!! Wow baby ~!! you said it’s 5 $ ~!!!

Anyway it was fun night with good music ~

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