St patrick s Day @ The box + Ella lounge

Hey Every party people ~!! How was St patrick s day ??

This afternoon 24HPP Satoko s best friend Mame chan went back to Japan~
So yesterday we hanged out together ~!!
Mame chan will open an apparel shop in Nagoya soon
I have to introduce that kool shop soon ~!!
Plz check it out !!

Yesterday We went to the box and ella to say hello Nicky digital ~
Both clubs were crazy ~!!
because of St patrick s day ??
What a great day is it !!
Everyday should be St patrick s day ~!!

Wow Satoko chan went to Alicia key s Concert @ Madison square garden before we hang out and then
went to her office 10am in the morning and then will go to her school and then more… She is what a party girl ~!!
Respect Satoko !! and Mame chan ~!!! They are really kool people from Japan ~!!

LOVE & Satoko + Mame FOREVER WITH 24 HPP

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