24HPP @BAR 13

Tuesday ~!! DJ Shinchan went to Bar13 ~!!! Monday Bar13 is kool as i told you ~ But Tuesday Bar 13 was also kool !!! 3rd floor was Drum and bass ~ and 2nd floor was Queer party!! organized by Ellie conant http://www.myspace.com/gaysha She is very powerful woman ~!! I like her !! I wanna go to her party again !!!

It’s difficult to say that i love drum and bass ~ But tonight’s djs were
pretty good !! I heard they have a drum and bass party for more than 12 years ( sorry if its not correct ) ~ It’s kool to play same kind of music for a long time, i really them ~ and their play was killer !!!
But DJ shinchan’s style is based on mixing every kind of music !!
like DJ AM , DJ Steve aoki , DJ MSBMSBMSB ~!! I also want to pursue my style ~!!
Anyway it was kool night ~ and of course DJ Shaka 23 was beautiful tonight too!!
I’ve never seen such a beautiful DJ even in Tokyo ~ In my home town ??OMG ~ If Shaka 23 play DJ in my hometown , every men will give up their work and go to her party !!!
Anyway i listened this music by I pod after this crazy party ~!!

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