Elle magazine party + White slab palace!!!

Hey Every 24 HPP in NY!!! Happy Valentine’s day!!!

DJ shinchan heard that people in America will go to a dinner with Girl friend or Boy friend on happy valentine like Japanese christmas  !!! So – DJ shinchan is thinking to go to CHINA TOWN  to cerebrate chinese NEW YEAR !!! BY MYSELF !!!!

Plz wait for those awesome pics !!!

By the way!!  Yesterday was kool as usual !! I went to Momokawa

with princess  Satochan!! That Japanese restaurant is awesome !! I forgot to take pics because of great japanese meal, But if you like Japanese foods, you should check it out !!  Thanx satochan!!

And that’s night ‘s Satochan’s fashion was awesome !! Plz check her great fashion !!Its Deli , cause outside was really cold !!! Plz check her website too!!

And after that we went to white slab palace !! Cause 24 court had a party !!She is super kool dj !!! I couldn’t her music this time , but I love courtney forever !!!Yay!!!

And then my friend princess Victoria came to white slab palace , so we went to

Elle magazine party @ Capitale !! Wow baby Capitale is really big and

There re so many people !!!

And i saw chain smokers djing

Wow they are also sooooo kool like DJ shinchan !! Their music is awesome !!!

But they smoked cigars a lot  when they re djing !! Its not good for their body !!

Take care !!! Thanx every 24 HPP !! Happy valentine – Love YOU GUYS!!!\

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